Mastery 1: Life and Death

Or Life cycles, if you will.

Image via Flickr, @awesomefallen

All software projects have a lifecycle, like most things. It begins with the creation. Unlike real life, software projects must have a meaning. Most of the time that is to either solve a problem or accomplish a task.

It has several steps:

1- Purpose or Problem: Plan or define what needs to be accomplished.

2- Analysis: Can it be done? How?

3-Planning: defining the top priorities as well as the time it would take.

4- Requirement Analysis: A fancy way of saying what behaviors will the app have to accomplish its objective.

5-Development: Begin doing the code and looking that it runs!

6- Testing: Does it run well on standard workflows only? Or does it also take into account non-standard workflows as well?

7- Integration: Now it runs and does what it is supposed to.

8- Maintenance: Need to take into account future changes, as well as any extra steps that need to be done after it is up and running to ensure it stays that way.


Systems development life cycle

What is SDLC? Understand the Software Development Life Cycle

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