New Year, new opportunities

Well, guess who is taking the same class again from last semester with Ken? Yup, that’s me. Queue your sitcom comedy intro.

So, what are we gonna talk about now? Well it’s something like the same…. without being the same. This time I will definitely complete all the masteries. Hope you’re reading this Ken!

Regarding the chapter books, well there’s not much new. The book is the same old one as last time. The chapters didn’t change so I’m unsure if I should change my blog posts about them. Maybe since I will not be on a last day rush, I could expand on some ideas more.

Enough with the intro nonsense, lets begin.

So….. chapter one…. chapter one…. chapter one….

Great software. What is great software? Let’s see, WITHOUT reading my last blog post on it, if I recall correctly, great software means writing code that is easy to maintain, easy to understand and most importantly, that works and suits the users needs.

It matches very closely however. I wrote that great software has to be:

  • Easy to read
  • Easy to maintain
  • Do what it’s supposed to do (THE most important thing)
  • Reusable
  • Optimized (even though, I don’t always write optimized code myself… yet)
  • Helps the user.
  • Usable

Now, comparing to the book, I only missed the extend characteristic. The book mentions “well designed” and “well coded” which we can take my “usable” and “optimized” characteristics for.

So the general idea is still there. 

Should I write again about all the incredibly convient and specific and not-really-going-to-happen-in-real-life examples the book uses? Maybe, maybe not. I guess I will see on the next book chapter.

If you read it all the way until here through my initial ramblings, congrats! you have a good attention span. Better than me sometimes. See ya later.

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