My Name is Art Vandelay and I have a funny name.

Why is that funny? I don’t know for sure. Maybe because it’s extremely uncommon in Spanish speaking countries like Mexico. Now that I think of it, all human names should have been funny at some point.

You know what else is funny? Riding a rollercoaster. BIG rollercoasters. Tons of metal pieces put together in a way to maximize the experience.

This resembles software development, in a way. You built layer by layer, at the end is one big structure. As Ken has mostly said in class, it’s very unlikely we will see a project that is within a real architect’s size or scope while studying undergrad. Mostly due to the complexity of the projects being done.

Being a real architect is less about developing specific pieces of software and more about how all of them will work with one another and what technologies are the best tools for the job, ie the big picture.

Architects you could say work more closely with management, since the project vision needs to be very defined to ultimately help the customer’s needs.

For this purpose, there are tools to make it easier. Ones we have mentioned beforehand are use cases and UML diagrams. The architect uses them as they are a high-level view of what the system should do and doesn’t go into specifics.

A popular way of building big systems is to use the MVC pattern. Stands for Model-View-Controller.

Basically defines 3 parts of a system, how the data is stored, how it is accessed and how it is modified.

Architects are the orchestra’s conductors and the devs are the musicians.

Please enjoy one of my favorite pieces of classical music, courtesy of the BBC.

As always, you can find my other post about the topic here:

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