Code revision

What is code revision?

Most of us get a headache when our code doesn’t work, doesn’t compile, throws errors, etc. When it’s finally fixed, it’s a relief. We move on to the next thing in our checklist to make or fix.

However even if our code works, we may need to go back to it time to time. Specially if it’s really old code.

Code revision allows us some introspective to old us and how we coded before.  Since we are getting better, we can see our earlier flaws better than when we were in the moment writing that code. If the time allows, we can even refactor it to have it have better readability or easier to maintain or add comments if it requires it.

Not only we can review our own code but also our coworkers. What we might miss or think it’s good enough, could be improved or changed if a more knowledgeable person helps. This can provide us great insight and new perspectives into our own code and ultimately make us better developers.

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