On Blogging

Here’s an article of why I think blogging is important and a great tool for everyone.

What are the benefits of blogging?

First and foremost, I want to start by saying that language is what allowed humans to evolve and begin to share complex ideas with each other. The written word allowed us to reach massive audiences never known before.

If you think of it, language is like black magic, you can plant ideas into someone else’s mind by just talking to them or in this case, writing and them reading your words.A permanent place in their brain.

With the technology evolving rapidly, it was just a matter of time for it to become a household commodity. At least in developed nations I mean.

This allows people to reach into the remote corners of the world in an extremely fast way and without the economical, time or technology constraints from even 50 years ago.

However, with the new technology, new ways of communication also opened up, which want to control how and who we can communicate to over the internet. This is of course social media.

Every person needs to have a voice, either online or offline, to share his ideas. Good or bad. Recently there has been an uptick for the control of the internet and change it from it’s original de-centralized nature, to a locked down, centrally administrated one.

Having your own blog or website prevents you from losing your voice in case Twitter or Facebook decides you’re not worthy for their platforms. Having a place you can control yourself on the internet may seem like a technological feat but it’s now easier than ever and extremely cheap.Just skip on one or two cups of java brew from the Seattle-based green mermaid chain.
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More people should do it.


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